How to Change the Wold - 101

Due to the current events in this world, I didn’t know what exactly I should say the last couple of weeks. As an aspiring civil rights attorney and Human Trafficking survivor, I stand for equality.

My biggest desire for my career is to bring victims to freedom and deliver equal rights to all.

Because of my experience, the involvement in different organizations, and the fight against social issues, such as Human Trafficking, Sexual Violence, and Hate Crimes against entire social groups (due to their nationality, race, sexual orientation, disabilities, gender, etc.), I have witnessed one thing that could have changed the narrative of so many individuals.

After years of observing social issues on the front lines, I started asking myself: What future do I want to provide for my children? What am I willing to do for the generations that will follow me? We live in a world in which we all strive for belonging, admiration, and success. I often wonder, how do our individual choices affect the greater community? Most people, when they hear about civic engagement efforts, automatically think about politics, paying their taxes, or community involvement. However, I find this topic especially interesting when tying it to the very core of humanity- the sense of belonging.

As a matter of fact, the sense of belonging is one of our basic needs in order to survive. And yet, we live in a world, in which many individuals or even entire groups seem to be forgotten or rejected. I believe, civic engagement efforts go far beyond voting, taking care of our planet, and cleaning up the neighborhood Park.

We all have a fundamental desire that strives us to be part of something. How can we use this desire, which is wired in our genetics, to be part of a greater good? In order to successfully contribute to civic engagement, we must focus on empathy and compassion.

I firmly believe that those topics must become school topics and be taught early on in childhood. It has been proven by science that empathy can be learned and compassion can be trained.

If we raise generations with the emphasis on compassion, we will raise generations that are passionate and involved for the greater good.

Those efforts can eradicate social rejections, abuse, and taking advantage of vulnerable individuals.

Civic engagement efforts are the responsibility of each person because they are an integral part of preserving future generations. And we will grow passion in our children for being involved for the greater good by teaching them to b compassionate. Empathy is the key element to equality, belonging, and the very essence of humanity.

Empathy truly is the most crucial part responsible for a World to change.

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