Dear Beautiful,

Please read this.

Dear Beautiful,

This letter is for you. I want to apologize. I am sorry. I am sorry for each time you have not been believed. I am sorry that people shut you down, questioned you, and rejected you.

I am sorry you have been violated. I understand how incredibly difficult the experience of abuse is. I understand also how seemingly even more difficult is to not be believed after you FINALLY found your courage to tell what happened to you.

I am sorry. This should have never happened to you. And let me tell you an eternal truth, no matter what, YOU DID NOT DESERVE THIS. IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT. Ever. It is always the perpetrator’s fault. You are never to blame. And if someone says otherwise, they are WRONG. I understand how crushing such a traumatizing event is. And it doesn’t matter if it happened once, or a 1000 times. It is the most difficult trail regardless.

But let me tell you this as well: It does not matter if it happened once or a 1000 times, your worth never changed. The perpetrator can never chip away from your beautiful and precious worth. You deserve the world, you deserve gentleness, you deserve kindness, you deserve warmth, you deserve goodness, you deserve LOVE.


No matter what the circumstances were or are, it WAS/IS not your fault. Beautiful, you are here, you are alive, you are breathing. I am so proud of you. You survived and this is all that matters. You are a survivor and a hero. Your presence does not need to be perfect to be shared.

Read that again.

Dear beautiful, whatever happened to you, It is not your fault. I know healing will come️. Whatever happened to you, I am standing with you.



We are warriors.

(Please share this with anyone you believe needs those words from YOU)

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