Every dollar donated will be making a difference in globally as we fight to turn the tide on Human Trafficking world-wide through education, support and hope.

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Stand on the awareness and outreach front lines in the battle against Human Trafficking. 


Become an Ambassador. Help us change the world.

Human Trafficking is the most lucrative crime around the world that claims over 40 million victims worldwide. However, there is a great deal of misinformation and many misconceptions about human trafficking that we would like to help you understand. We want to encourage everyone to become an ambassador in the fight against human trafficking. 


How do I become

an Ambassador?


To become an Ambassador, please create a log in below. Immediately, you'll have access to your own account page, where you can create a profile and update your information. Through this site account,  Ambassadors will have access to a media tool box to use in order to be able to present information about Human Trafficking in their own communities, schools, families, businesses, etc. You'll be joining a community of other Ambassadors doing their part to fight human trafficking.

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Who can become

an Ambassador?

Anyone who has a heart for Survivors and a passion for fighting human trafficking! 

Our heart is to create a community of dedicated Ambassadors who desire to shine a light on the darkness of trafficking and make a lasting change in this world. 


Become an Ambassador.

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