For every Human Trafficking Survivor.

Every gender. Every age. World-wide.

The Coco Berthmann Scholarship exists to provide Survivors of Human Trafficking with higher education. If you are a Survivor of Human Trafficking, please apply. 

We also encourage anyone who believes that they were trafficked to apply. Many Survivors do not understand that they have been trafficked due to current misconceptions and associations about Human Trafficking. We have a professional team in place that can assess each situation individually.

3-Step Application Process



Fill out the application below as accurately as possible. If you are a guardian filling the application out for a student, please fill out the student's information, not your own.


After the initial application through our website, the applicant will be contacted by the CBSF and assessed whether the Scholarship is applicable to him or her.


If assessed that the applicant is eligible, the applicant will be notified of acceptance by the CBSF. The Scholarship will then be directly forwarded to the school they applied for.


While we accept applications, please be patient. It could take up to 3 weeks

for us to process and reply to your application. For any questions or concerns with

your application, please contact us via the "Contact Us" button at the top of this page.


We wish to see each survivor reach their educational goals.

If you know of someone who may benefit from this scholarship, please share it with them.

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In collaboration with

Adaptive Operations

A 501(c)(3)counter human trafficking force made up of

volunteer agents from Law

Enforcement, Military Special Forces, FBI, CIA, Executive Protection, and Private Investigation. 

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Saint George Utah


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