Our mission is to provide survivors of human-trafficking with higher education, to empower these individuals world-wide to break through the vicious cycle of abuse, unhealthy patterns, and violence, and be a stepping stone to a hope-filled life full of possibilities.

About The CBSF

Coco Berthmann, and Aros Artimus met in 2015 while both of them presented as speakers at an event. Aros, an educator and founder of the Adaptive Operation, an organization that performs rescue missions for human trafficking survivors and also the parent organization to the Coco Berthmann Scholarship Fund. Aros invited Coco in 2019 to one of his training sessions to enable Coco to join rescue missions. Adaptive Operations also supports Global Education Philanthropists and it’s founder Cammy Bowker, who work in the prevention of Human-Trafficking by providing education resources to vulnerable children in risk areas world-wide.

Aros, Cammy, and Coco decided to combine forces, in order to fight Human Trafficking in a three way aproach. By building the Coco Berthmann Scholarship Fund, Counter Human trafficking will now be aproached with:


1) Prevention offered by Global Education Philanthropist

2) Rescues provided by Adaptive Operations, and

3) healing and empowerment for survivor provided with the Scholarship Fund offered to Survivors world wide.


We believe in a world that comes together hand in hand to fight the greatest human right challenge of this history.


We believe in fighting Human Trafficking one dipolma at a time. 


CBSF President & Founder

Coco Berthmann is Founder and President of the Coco Berthmann Scholarship Fund. She was born and raised in Germany. She is a counter-trafficking specialist and aspiring international civil-rights attorney. Coco enables all segments of society to fight human-trafficking by educating and speaking internationally and teaching law enforcement, first responders, forensic staff, and communities about the horrific reality of human-trafficking.


 As a survivor, Coco made it her personal aim to free other victims out of the hands of traffickers.


Her unique experience of bondage and escape from such heinous crimes, have enabled multiple dignitaries free and rescue enslaved victims. 


Adaptive Operations Founder & President

 CBSF Founder

Aros is an educator and a Ph.D. candidate in Criminal Justice/Homeland Security. His research is focused on exposing the link between human trafficking and foreign terrorist organizations (FTO). He is the founder and President of Adaptive Operations 501(c)(3) and is an active operator in rescuing human trafficking victims.

Learn more at adaptiveops.org.


Global Education Philanthropists Founder

CBSF Founder

Cammy Bowker is the founder of a world class non profit organization, Global Education Philanthropists (Global E.P.) that strategically fights human trafficking through education on a global scale. With a degree from University of Washington and Stanford with emphasis on education, Cammy focuses on designing ways for education to empower communities world wide. She is passionate about long term empowerment through education. Her organization now serves communities in the United States, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Belize , Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Cambodia and Thailand.

To get involved in international travel, or local service opportunities, go to globalep.org.


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In collaboration with

Adaptive Operations

A 501(c)(3)counter human trafficking force made up of

volunteer agents from Law

Enforcement, Military Special Forces, FBI, CIA, Executive Protection, and Private Investigation. 

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